Monday, June 18, 2012



I decided that I will not do the same thing that I did with the farm that we have now for two years and will write with this new property all the experiences and adventures that Peter and I undoubtedly get involved every time we go out driving looking for places.

This incredible space we got in the middle of a really rich area in many respects, a lot of water resources, great view of the mountains, a lot of foreign capitals have created great wineries and the place is booming, real estate prices are much higher here than the rest of the province.

Well, I could say more but I just wanted to give you a background info so you have an idea of the town.

After a long time of looking and driving around  I found in the internet after we finally decided where to live
this incredible place with very old walnut trees, some apple trees, a source of mineral water in the property and a creek at the end with crystalline water equal to the best bottle water in this country, a view to the Andes that is majestic! in a town called Colony of the Roses, very lavish in the spring and summer.
Driving trough the streets covered with trees is so beautiful !

Peter has been eagerly reading about so many subjects and you tube videos related to permaculture and natural pools, hydroponics, eco building, permaculture and other things, to many to mention here.
He is also producing designs and drawings in preparation for all this.

In the other hand, him and I are at a point in our lives that all we care is aesthetics, cosmic consciousness, living out doors, doing art, picking up where we left 30 years ago. Is interesting that this is the first time that his and my desires align.
Life is happy again, we feel like kids having our next adventure but this time more in sink with ourselves.

The two years all ready spent here have being like an opening into the school of life, that we both felt that we were discontented from, in here it hits you in the face, pictures in here come alive and by going trough them you arrived at the end with an incredible sense that you had one of the greatest experiences of your life and at the end it help you to regain who you are. Don't ask me how it works but as you get put in many new situations you learn where you are at and by observing yourself  you start letting go of old egos or I's to a greater feeling of self.

We have meet really incredible people from all walks of life and being a finca owner and a business woman. yeah finally a business woman since I have to deal with all kind of characters that come to buy hay bails, I'm also the Spanish voice of the duo; had made as richer.Also because of what we got involved we are able to meet and have fun with a lot of young people that other wise  wouldn't have happened , we love young people, they are the best!

Peter is  in a very productive time of his life and have a great create going that he hopes it would never stop. He is also having  a good time unifying architectural styles with different materials and techniques with the Argentine heartht/eco/permaculture movement of which we feel we are participating.

A good friend asked me , who or what is Tunuyan and here is a description of the area that I copy from the internet:


It is located 80 km from the city of Mendoza at an altitude of 874 meters above sea level, has an area of 3317 and an estimated population of 40,436 inhabitants.

The landscape and nature provide us with all the excitement. Valleys, hills, mountains and streams crossed by the River Tunuyan combine magically providing an ideal place for all kinds of activities.

Area of crops, primarily apples, which has given him a reputation for excellent quality of these. In this emerging major agricultural producer of juices, ciders and essences.

Attractive festivities and events take place here such as: The Festival of the Rose, Fiesta Provincial Cherry, Arriero Festival, Triathlon Tunuyan, folkloric events, Noche de Cuyo, Pre Tonada and undoubtedly more ; s renowned Festival is the tune, which brings together artists from around the country, the cuisine is typically excellent.

We can make a stroll through historic sites such as El Manzano Monument or Resignation of General San Martín.

Among the deals that gives us the area you can visit wineries, sawmills, packaging, cold fruit, fields of vines, olive trees, vegetables, fruit of the local economy. Also the mineral water plant is a tour that we recommend.

In the town and its surroundings are all you need, whatever your interest, has a large shopping center, first class hotels, restaurants, cabins and services for farm tourism to adventure tourism.


  1. Truly a dream come true. You picked the place where everything could come together in a cosmic stew -- the land, the light, the mountains and the river and most of all...the people. I am so glad you are both together in this place and time creating beauty and life in the universe. I am reminded of the poem I wrote long ago...

    "When a true human being appears
    in a community thirsty for the taste of soul,
    they ... hear in the voice ... I am near."

    Everything flows through me
    but nothing is lost, not a drop
    of wine, nor any excuses.
    Across the wooden table you speak
    as if you know the meaning
    of my name, pour yourself

    like a sun storm on a thirsty
    riverbed. You ask me to bear this,
    to remember the scent of apples
    and the green heart of the poplar
    growing in endless rows.

    I try to lose you in the gaucho’s
    ballad, let the guitar soften time
    in our bones but you spill
    another river of wine in my glass,
    shake your head and smile
    at my refusal; the delight a heart
    feels when a voice it knows is near.

    If I leave for a moment, I am afraid
    you will disappear. Today is a glass
    half drunk, an instant of knowing
    how you pour, how you pour.

    Bajo el toldo

    Cuando aparece un verdadero ser humano
    en una comunidad sedienta de alma,
    …oyen en la voz…estoy cerca. Rumi

    Todo fluye por mí
    pero no se pierde nada, ni una gota
    de vino, ningún pretexto.
    Frente a mí en la mesa de pino hablas
    como si conocieras el significado
    de mi nombre, te viertes
    como chubasco repentino en un lecho de río
    sediento. Me pides que soporte esto,
    que recuerde el olor a manzana
    y el corazón verde del álamo
    que crece en filas interminables.

    Intento perderte en la milonga del gaucho,
    dejar que la guitarra ablande el tiempo
    en nuestros huesos pero tú derramas
    otro río de vino en mi copa,
    niegas con la cabeza y sonríes cuando
    no acepto; el placer que siente un corazón
    cuando se acerca una voz conocida.

    Si me voy por un minuto, temo que
    desapareces. Hoy es un vaso a
    medio tomar, un instante de saber
    como te viertes, como te viertes.

    Traducción de Carla Hagen, el 18 de abril 2006.

  2. Dear Lois, thanks for your wonderful words, you can always nit together universes just by the way you used them.
    It would be great to have you come and write by the creek to add to the magic of the place the beauty of your images.
    Love the poem. ML